Since 2007, Candlelighters NYC has been helping kids fighting cancer and their families. Kids from all over the world come to New York City to receive the best pediatric cancer treatment available. Candlelighters NYC assists through all stages: discovery, diagnosis, education, treatment and remission. We provide an emotional support system full of love and comfort while they are so far away from home. We add quality of life to children with cancer by providing them with a fun, positive atmosphere to help them feel normal in a situation that is so far from that. Candlelighters NYC becomes their New York City family so that they can just be kids.

Because kids can’t fight cancer alone!™

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Candlelighters NYC has been such a huge help to my family during my daughter’s last seven years of cancer treatment. She began this journey as a 5 year old who loved Disney channel and pink and purple blankets to a twelve-year-old young lady who loves to read and paint. Through it all, we have counted on Candlelighters NYC to help our daughter, Morgan keep her mind off of harsh chemo and painful antibody treatment with age-age-appropriate activities and comfort items to get her through. Candlelighters NYC is also a huge help to our family as we learned to navigate a new city, far from home and a new hospital in order to give our daughter the best treatment possible. Thank you for your unending support of families like mine, through Candlelighters, NYC!

Emily Pierce