Top 10 homework help sites

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Best homework help websites

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Top homework help sites

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Go Gold Today!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Around the world, families, caregivers, charities and research groups use the color gold to drive much-needed awareness for pediatric cancer. As an Upper East Side foundation, we would love for you to join us and GO GOLD this month!

For the past 11 years, Candlelighters NYC has helped kids fighting cancer and their families. Kids from all over the world come to New York City to receive the best pediatric cancer treatment available. Candlelighters NYC assists through all stages: discovery, diagnosis, education, treatment and remission. We provide an emotional support system full of love and comfort while they are so far away from home. We add quality of life to children with cancer by providing them with a fun, positive atmosphere to help them feel normal in a situation that is so far from that. Candlelighters NYC becomes their New York City family so that they can just be kids.

Because kids can’t fight cancer alone! ™

You can help! Your donations are critical to supporting these families. Donor funds cover every expense at Candlelighters NYC (food/toys/transport/strollers/etc). When you make a gift, you directly impact families facing pediatric cancer right here in NYC. They need your help and greatly appreciate the support.

You can make a donation by clicking here or send a check to:

Candlelighters NYC
345 East 73rd Street, #2L
New York, NY 10021

If you want your business (or building!) to go gold this month, Candlelighters NYC would love to help decorate. Email us at for more information.

To see firsthand what we do, please click here and watch CNN’s recent spotlight about our organization!

Candlelighters NYC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. IRS Tax ID is EIN 20-8580720. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

CNN: Champions for Change


Watch as CNN showcases Candlelighters NYC as a Champion for Change! We are thrilled to share this distinct honor with our families, our volunteers and our supporters.

Throughout the Champions for Change series, CNN journalists highlight issues close to their heart as they work alongside organizations and people dedicated to creating change.

CNN Anchor Ana Cabrera takes viewers through a journey about our beloved families and our efforts, in addition to Ana’s own family journey facing pediatric cancer.

Want to join us as we turn crappy into happy? Click here as our families describe how your donation makes a BIG difference.


Hi, I’m Maggie…

I’m 9 years old. I’m from Staten Island, NY and I have three siblings – Michael (age 10), MaryKate (age 7) and Matthew (age 5). I like drawing & crafting, bike riding, scooter riding and playing with baby dolls. I enjoy going to amusement parks, shows, movies and sporting events. I like to play soccer, run track and do tumbling/gymnastics. A fun fact about me is that I can touch my nose with my tongue! When I grow up, I’d like to be a mom, art teacher/craft store owner and nurse.

At the age of 21 months, I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, aveolar soft-parts sarcoma.  When I was a baby, cancer took my left eye but I still think that both my eyes are my best features. In fact, I call my prosthetic eye my Magic Eye!

As a Candlelighters NYC kid, my favorite experiences range from the Halloween parties to meeting Aladdin. But my favorite part was last week when Candlelighters NYC helped us adopt our new family dog, Monty. Now our family is complete! My parents would say that their favorite part of Candlelighters NYC is that it truly is a family. My family doesn’t hesitate to ask for help or have a shoulder to cry on and we help families when we can. We are family.

…And my family uses these words to describe Candlelighters NYC:  Hope, help, family, friendship and fun

Click here to donate to Candlelighters NYC in honor of Maggie.

Hi, I’m Giovanna…

I’m 22 months old. I live in Kansas City, Missouri and I have a big sister, Giuliana (age 6.5). I love to play with my sister and I enjoy Peppa Pig, dancing and being out on the town. I also love music (especially The Lumineers) as well as swimming, dining and Baby Signing Time. I’m a happy baby and I’ll proudly tell you I’m “happy” when I’m feeling it!

When I was 8 months old, I was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma – intermediate risk (with anaplastic lymphoma kinase/ALK).

What is my favorite Candlelighters NYC experience? It is so hard to pick just one experience! I would say seeing the The Lumineers in concert and getting to meet the band! One of the band members even held me and we took pictures! My family says the best part of Candlelighters NYC is the love we receive from Barbara and the volunteers. Knowing that we have a “family” when we are in NYC provides a huge amount of comfort for us. Cancer is so unpredictable so you never know what can happen during treatment or scans and having Candlelighters NYC there to support us takes a huge weight off. My family is comforted knowing that whatever happens, Barbara will be there for us with open arms and unmatched generosity.

…And my family uses these words to describe Candlelighters NYC:  Love, family, support, comfort, generosity

Click here to donate to Candlelighters NYC in honor of Giovanna.

Hi, I’m Tyler…

I’m 7 years old. I live in Belmont, California with my twin brother, Alex. I love LEGO toys and I also enjoy drawing, video games, reading, biking and going to the beach. My family loves the aquarium and the ocean too. An interesting fact about our family is that we’ve never been to Disneyland even though we live in California!

When I was 5 years old, I was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma.

As a Candlelighters NYC kid, my favorite experiences include spending time at Barbara’s apartment, getting my nails painted by Ellie and playing with Teddy. My parents say their favorite part of the Candlelighters NYC family is having their support and meeting other families through the organization.

…And my family uses these words to describe Candlelighters NYC:  Support for everyone in the family!

Click here to donate to Candlelighters NYC in honor of Tyler.

Hi, I’m Delaney…

I’m 7 years old and I live in Wood-Ridge, NJ. I love the beach or anything to do with water and boats. I also enjoy exploring, spending time with others, meeting new people and dancing. In fact, I take aerial classes (lyra and silks!) and I can pole dance! My mom thinks I’m going to do something that involves helping others when I’m older. I think I am going to be a doctor (surgeon) and famous!

When I was 3 months old, I was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma.

My favorite experience with Candlelighters NYC was meeting RJ at the Hamptons (and every trip with Barbara!). My mom says her favorite part of Candlelighters NYC is being able to connect with other families. We didn’t have this connection to other families before meeting Candlelighters NYC. It is amazing to be with the volunteers and other families that understand what we are going through.

…And my family uses these words to describe Candlighters NYC: Support and endless love

Click here to donate to Candlelighters NYC in honor of Delaney.

Hi, I’m Kaela…

I’m 15 years old. I live in Sayreville, NJ and I have one brother, Anton (age 14). I like arts and crafts, YouTube and video blogs and I love adventures with my family. When I grow up, I want to be a psychologist.

At age 5, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Cancer took my left leg but it can’t stop me me from doing triathlons, running, swimming and enjoying life in general.

My favorite Candlelighters NYC experiences include the birthday parties, Halloween, holiday parties, shows, events and helping kids and families have fun. My parents say their favorite part of Candlelighters is everything that Candlelighters NYC is doing, including events and parties – and we love Barbara!

…And my family uses these words to describe Candlelighters NYC:  Love, hope, fun, compassion, caring

Click here to donate to Candlelighters NYC in honor of Kaela.

Hi, I’m Trevor…

I’m 8 years old. I live in Ashburn, Virginia with my sister, Ava. I enjoy playing with LEGO toys and being with friends. I also enjoy gaming. In fact, when I grow up I want to be a gamer or a real life superhero.

At age 4, I was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma.

What’s my favorite Candlelighters NYC experience? I can’t name just one. Everything we do with them is fun and memorable. We had a blast at the Halloween parties, shopping at Barbara’s house and relaxing on her couch after a hard and long day of treatment. My parents would say their favorite part is knowing that Barbara and her volunteers are like our family. They are our home away from home.

…And my family uses these words to describe Candlelighters NYC:  Couldn’t live without them

Click here to donate to Candlelighters NYC in honor of Trevor.