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Candlelighters, NYC
c/o Barbara Zobian
345 East 73rd Street, apt 2L
New York , NY 10021

Our Tax ID #: 20-8580720


Sometimes, people look for other ways to support these children that is more tangible versus research. If you are one of these people, consider supporting Candlelighters NYC. Barbara Zobian who runs this organization does a tremendous amount that directly helps the children and their families. Examples include: providing strollers, trips to the LEGO store (one of Tripp’s favorites), visiting Central Park police and becoming an honorary NYPD officer, transportation through the city, parties, blankets and pillows (I can attest to how helpful this is while sleeping in the hospital) and so, so much more. This organization provides the necessities to get through long, hard treatment days far from home. She and her organization do what your friends and family would do if you were getting treatment at home. I know I speak for many of the families expressing my gratitude for Barbara and the commitment she has to our children.

Ashle Burnett